Teen Injured In Hit And Run Crash

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A 16 year-old is in fair condition almost a week after getting run over by his 16 year-old friend at a field part.

According to an arrest report, a group of teenagers had been drinking in a field in Deer Haven Park Friday night when one teenager got behind the wheel and drove over his friend.

According to the report, the teen then jumped into another car with another drunk teen also behind the wheel and drove off.

The two were later caught by police and charged as adults for drinking and driving.

Van Ranseler Jenkins has pleaded guilty to reckless driving while the other driver, Patrick Autry faces DUI charges and will be in court this month.

The incident has brought attention to underage drinking that often happens in fields in rural parts of the county.

An issue that the Fayette County Attorney, Larry Roberts would like to see addressed.

"We have to reach the kids in junior high that aren't drinking yet, but will be driving soon, Roberts said. "I think it's an important part of what we do."

Roberts adds the only way to reach young people is for them to hear about the dangers from other young people they can relate to.

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