Caught On Tape: Judge Sentences Man To Life (Marriage That Is)

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A central Kentucky couple turns a court appearance into their wedding day.

On Tuesday James Martin was in the Clark County Tuesday to pay a fine but when he didn't have the money his girlfriend Elizabeth stepped in to pay the fine.

"I didn't want him to go to jail, because I love him," Elizabeth Martin said.

When Judge Earl-Ray Neal found out who paid the money, and that they've been together for 14 years he suggested the couple get married.

"I just thought it's the day before Valentine's Day and she's hung on this long we might as well give the offer right now," Judge Neal said.

Much to everyone's surprise, Martin took the judges advice, and proposed.

"He was actually still in custody so I didn't know what he was doing
what he was doing was not wasting any time," Judge Neal said.

"I walked right over got down on one knee and I proposed," James Martin.

Elizabeth said "yes" but there was one problem, they had spent all their money on court fines and didn't have the cash for a marriage license.

To help them out, the people in the courtroom pooled their money so the two could walk down the isle, and judge Neal married them on the spot.

Martin says he honestly expected to leave with a jail sentence not a wife.