KY Man Describes Chaotic Scene After NIU Shooting

A recent UK graduate who is currently attending NIU as a graduate assistant was on campus when the shooting happened.

Taylor Wood, of Versailles, tells 27NEWSFIRST he received a phone call from his boss, who said there had been a shooting and the campus was on lock down.

"We didn't think it was something someone would joke about," Taylor said. "But, we felt we needed to double check."

But when university officials sent out a warning via text and email, Wood told us he knew it was true. Once the gunman was no longer a threat, students and staff were advised to leave campus while emergency workers attended to the shooting victims.

Wood described the chaos.
"There were police and ambulances everywhere. People were frantic and running around," he said.

Wood lives just one block from where the shooting happened, so he spent the next few hours with friends, calling his loved ones back in Kentucky.

"It's hard to believe people died in a building I drive by everyday, this is a true tragedy and it's taken time for the reality to sink in."