Lexington Skyline Could Soon Be Changing

The Lexington Financial Center, at 30 stories, is the city's tallest building, but sometime in the not too distant future, it could be dwarfed by a 40 story hotel and multi-use tower that would include retail shops and offices plus a large parking garage.

Developer Dudley Webb, who isn't ready to discuss any specific plans for the new skyscraper he would like to put in the block from Limestone to Upper between Main and Vine, says he has been working for some time to try to put this project together.

Many of the businesses on that block have already been closed down, and almost all of the buildings are now under the control of either the Webb Company or the family of local businessman Joe Rosenburg.

Lexington residents, meanwhile, are having a hard time envisioning all the buildings on the entire block being replaced by one.

David Goad says he can't even picture it. Wilma Williams thinks the block currently has a certain quaint charm, and although the hotel tower will be very nice and clean looking, it might seem out of place in that location. Amy Faulkner was even more adamant in her criticism of the project. She says it would be sad to demolish the old buildings on the block because they're historical and should be kept downtown.

Some of the buildings do indeed date back to the mid 1800's and even earlier.

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