Lexington Police Search For Home Invasion Suspects

Tense moments in a Lexington neighborhood as police search for a suspect that could be armed.

Police arrested two people for alcohol intoxication and are looking for another suspect after a couple says two men barged into their home.

The couple tells 27NEWSFIRST the suspect then pulled out a gun and demanded the husband and wife to get onto the bed.

The couple says they sat on the bed for about 20 minutes, praying for their lives. We're told the wife recognized one of the men from hanging around the neighborhood.

The couple says the suspects finally left and that's when they called the police.

The victim tells us, "I was scared they were gonna come back and start shooting through the door because they were beating on it to get back in."

Angered by the situation, the victim says it's the last time she'll open the door for anyone.

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