Kentucky School Districts Deal With Beef Recall

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Millions of pounds of beef are being pulled from the shelves as the government recalls a record amount.

Some of that recalled meat has been found at schools right here in Kentucky.

The USDA recalled the meat after undercover video surfaced showing workers, jabbing, prodding and shocking weak cows trying to get them to stand up so they could pass inspection.

The USDA says there is no serious health risk right now, but those weak cows could be more susceptible to E.Coli and Mad Cow Disease.

Over 150 school districts nationwide are affected by the frozen beef recall and some locally like Madison County have it too. The school district says they probably have between 200 and 500 lbs of the recalled beef.

Emily Agee, Food Services Director for Madison County, found out about the issue last week. She says the school received information of item numbers that were passed on to their cafeteria managers. They were told to pull the meat in question on hold and not to serve it in cafeterias.

Mayfield, Kit Carson and Bellevue Center Elementary Schools are the only schools in the district affected. Montgomery County was contacted January 31st that they may have the questionable beef in their freezers too.

School officials there say they immediately contacted all 6 schools in the district and told them to pull the beef.

The USDA says there is no immediate threat to the students and says a good portion of the meat has probably already been eaten. So far no one has reported any illnesses.

Both school districts say they will continue to hold the product until the USDA tells them what to do next.

Madison County schools told us they were initially warned of the issue by their distributor Gordon Food Services. We talked with Gordon Food Services and they said when they received the hold notice from the USDA on January 30th they started notifying customers of the issue.

Today they received the actual recall notice from the USDA and again are in the process of notifying all customers.

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