Potholes Putting Holes In Your Pockets

Pothole before work began

It's the time of the year when a certain unfortunate problem seems to bubble to the surface.

Potholes are starting to pop up around the Lexington area, a threat to your tires, and leading to big business for repair shops.

A particular pothole on the corner of Broadway and Fourth Street has caused some major problems. That pothole has been patched up by the city but not before it ruined three driver's day last week.

Police received reports of two blown tires, a broken rim, even a side view mirror and experts say more is on the way. During this time of year they can be hard to avoid and even avoiding one can be dangerous.

Anthony Henry from S&S Tire says, "As everyone knows in Lexington, just about every corner you turn you're going to hit one eventually."

Everyday about 40 to 50 customers bring their vehicle to S&S Tire.

"I would say about half of those are vibration problems or alignment issues," Henry says.

Henry says those common problems are normally associated with potholes.

"I'd say last month we've seen a substantial amount of people with vibration issues, car pulling one way we'll get to talking and they'll say you know I did hit a pot hole."

Henry says if a driver hits a pot hole 10 to 15 miles an hour it will cause substantial damage.

The experts at S&S Tire say if you notice any kind of change after running over a hole in the road, make sure you don't ignore it because you can blow out a tire eventually.

When the weather jumps from warm to cold and back again that only means more pot holes will be on the way. Industry experts say the pothole season has been starting later than normal the last few years with more people coming in for repairs starting this month, rather than December and January like in years past.

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