Two Arrested In Funny Money Bust

Berea Police say it all started with an idea from a T.V. show and now it's landed two Madison County friends in jail.

But instead of going for the big bucks police say the suspects only made ones and fives. It all started after a routine traffic stop last week where police arrested the driver, Clair Durham, for having a suspended license and her passenger, Chris Botkin, for being intoxicated.

But once they went to jail police say they left something criminal behind in the cruiser. The suspects, 22-year Clair Durham and 20-year-old Chris Botkin, were dropped off at the Madison County Detention Center.
Then the officer noticed something unusual. The officer saw the counterfeit money in the back seat.

The fake money was all in fake one dollar and five dollar bills at a total of $66. Police say Botkin had the money but left it in the back seat of the cruiser after being arrested. They also say Durham had some of the money in his possession as well.

Both face 18 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument. Investigators think Botkin made the money at home after getting the idea from a T.V. show.

Police say they found printers, a shredder, and computers in Botkin's room. Police say Durham told them that they had spent the money at several bars around Richmond but she claims it was all Botkins' idea.

Both Durham and Botkin have since posted bond and could face five to ten years in prison if convicted.

Officials say the case does not qualify for federal charges because there was not enough counterfeit money involved.

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