Woman Receives $8,000 Water Bill For Unoccupied Home

A Danville family is shocked when they receive a water bill in the thousands for a home that's not been used in years. What's worth is they can't get an answer as to why it's so high.

The Danville house hasn't been lived in for two years not since Lurlene Gray went to a nursing home. Now her granddaughters are saddled with a huge water bill for $8,000 for part of January and February. But the city's water company wants them to pay up.

Sherlene Tucker paid the last bill she received, a reasonable amount, about $35 to cover the period from October 9th through December 11th.
The ground around the house isn't saturated and there are no apparent signs of a leak.

The family says they've called and gone to city hall for an explanation. When 27NEWSFIRST went there the women at the pay-desk immediately knew why we were there.

We decided to go directly to the city manager's office where officials were behind closed doors.

So for now there seems to be no end in sight for the water war. Sherlene Tucker says she was told by a water company employee that the $8,000 bill was not a clerical error. The water was turned off yesterday.

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