Hundreds Rally Against Casinos In Ky At State Capitol

More than a hundred women went to the state capital Tuesday to say gambling isn't the answer to Kentucky's problems.

They rallied in the rotunda against the governor's plan. It started with a simple hymn of forgiveness and peace, but it quickly turned to loud applause and demands.

Dozens of women of all ages and backgrounds with stories of how they say gambling doesn't solve problems, it creates them. Lawmakers are considering several plans to build casinos throughout the state if voters approve it.

The governor says the gambling proceeds will boost health care and education, a win-win for many.

Everyone at the capitol had a different story to share. Some say they've seen problems in their community but a Versailles woman say it's hit home in her family.

Adrian Holloway says gambling destroyed both her parents lives when they lived near Las Vegas.

"They have nothing. My mother has nothing. At the age of 70, not a penny in savings because of this addiction," Holloway says.

And some viewed the governor's plan with sadness.

"I know the addictions that I battled in my life and to know that their faces and the families that will be torn apart if casinos come to this state," Holloway says.

They all had different stories but their main argument is that problem gambling is like a drug addiction, you don't stop until the damage is already done.

There could soon be changes to the governor's casino plan. The committee studying expanded gambling recommended Tuesday the number of proposed casinos in Kentucky be reduced to nine. The governor called for 12.

Five of the casinos could be operated at horse tracks but some lawmakers fear there's nothing in the substitute plan that guarantees any casinos at tracks.

The committee approved the recommendation which now goes to the constitutional amendments and election committee.

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