Madison Judge, Officers Put New Tasers To The Test

The Madison County Sheriff's Department now has some new tools to help fight crime.

The department bought 18 tasers for its first responders and court service officers.
The Sheriff hopes the tasers will make courtrooms safer, and make criminals think twice about resisting arrest. Every deputy tried out the tasers, to get a first hand feel at the force involved.

" I wanted them to know what it felt like so if they do go that route, they wouldn't be prone to overdo it," Sheriff Nelson O'Donnell."

But it wasn't just deputies that got a taste of the taser, so did Madison County Districit Court Judge Earl Ray Neal.

"I thought it was important that having been elected to this job and make decisions that affect people lives, it's important that I experience it," said Judge Neal.

The 18 new tasers purchased by the department cost a little less than $15,000 but officials say they're a great investment, because they bring criminals into complete compliance without seriously endangering them, or law officers.

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