Hundreds of College Kids Speak Out On State Budget Cuts

Some students fear the loss of their scholarships they earned based on their high school GPA's.

“So, if they were to cut that, that would be more of a burden on me and I would have to take out more student loans,” said EKU Student Matt Chadwell of his KEES Scholarship that pays roughly half of his $4,000 annual expenses.

Many students said they fear what's to come. Others say they're already feeling the pain of cuts.

Universities were told to trim 3%. Western decided to do away with its entire soccer team.

“They said they would honor our scholarships, but a lot of the guys are going to want to play soccer elsewhere and that's why they came to school to play soccer,” said Western Student Dustin Downey.

Governor Beshear says he feels their pain and promised that if there’s any extra revenue found, to apply it to higher education.

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