Police Unmask "Old Man Robber" Suspect

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He's made his way into three different Lexington banks over the past three months, usually dressed differently, but always with an old man mask on.

He's successfully come out of the Chase Bank on North Broadway, the Fifth Third Bank on Versailles and the U.S. Bank on Nicholasville with wads of money each time to never be caught.

Wednesday though, his luck may have run out. An old man look-a-like was arrested in Elizabethtown, it was really Steven Bond. After police say the 37 year old robbed the E-Town South Central Bank, he and Penny Johnson, 43, led police on a chase that ended in a crash.

Right away, police questioned Bond's connection to several other old man mask robberies in Lexington, Louisville and Jeffersonville, Indiana. Elizabethtown police have also contacted police out of state to see if bond may be connected to bank robberies there.