Which City Is Safest In Central Kentucky?

While Lexington might be central Kentucky's biggest city, many of the other
cities in the Bluegrass are also booming. Richmond's population now tops 30,000,
and more than 20,000 people call Georgetown home.

Add Paris, Versailles, and Frankfort to the mix, and you might wonder which
is safest?

In our 27 NEWSFIRST investigation, we looked at six different reported crimes:
murder, rape, assault, burglary, theft and arson. The statistics came directly
from each city’s police department and Kentucky State Police.

1. Paris: Using an FBI crime data formula to rank them, Paris was the safest

"Teamwork. It's not just us, police can't come out and fix every problem,” says
Paris Police Chief Tim Gray. “We've got to do it together, and our community
in the last year in a half that's what we are seeing."

2. Versailles: With no murders and the lowest rates of burglaries and rapes
of all the cities studied, Versailles barely missed the top spot to rank second.

3. Lexington: You might be surprised the biggest city was also the third safest. “I
was very pleasantly surprised," says Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry. In
2007, Lexington had its lowest crime rate in 33 years.

4. Richmond: The second largest city in central Kentucky had a rate of 5.3
crimes per 1,000 people.

5. Frankfort: The Capital City did have a lot of reported rapes, assaults,
and burglaries. However, when you look at how Frankfort was the third largest
city, its average of crime ranked fifth with six crimes per 1,000 people.

6. Nicholasville: Burglaries and thefts were the most common crimes in central
Kentucky’s fast-growing city.

7. Winchester: According to crime statistics, Winchester had the highest rates
of burglaries, arsons, and thefts of all the cities studied. Winchester scored
well for having the second fewest number of assaults.

8. Georgetown: According to data supplied by the Georgetown Police Department,
our investigation found eight out of every 1,000 people were a victim of a
crime. "Drugs have been an important issue for me, and the police have
stepped up with the drug task force because so many different crimes relate
back to drugs,” says Georgetown Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames. “So
if we can get a handle on that that will help."

While there were no murders in Georgetown in 2007, the most common crime according
to our investigation was assaults.

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