Police Crack Down On Fake ID's

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It may be against the law, but it appears as long as there is a market for fake ID's there will be people to supply them.
The Fayette county grand jury indicted four alleged illegal immigrants for trafficking in fake ID's.
Commonwealth Attorney Ray Larson says the id's are being used to get jobs and open bank accounts.

This week the Fayette County Grand Jury indicted four people; Carlos Rena-Loza, Antonio Oortiz Romero, Juan Roberto Homerario-Campus, Lousi Miquel Espinoza-Sanchez on charges of trafficking fake ID's and possession of counterfeit paychecks.

Larson says he works closely with Immigration and Custom Enforcement providing them with information on illegal immigrants in hope that they will be able to reach the people responsible for making the false ID cards.

Javier Castro is a local radio D.J. for the La Pantera radio station in Lexington. He says while he is a legal citizen now, he knows what it's like to have to go the other route to survive in the U.S. He says 25 years-ago he crossed the border and got a fake ID just to get a job. Although he knew what he was doing was wrong, he says he was desperate and it drove him to do anything he could to stay here, even if it meant breaking the law.

"It's a big risk to do it but you have to find a job," Castro said,"You come here with nothing and have to find a way."

Larson says, it's desperation like Castros that makes fighting this crime difficult for police.

According to Larson, since November 22 of the 31 illegal aliens charged with felonies in Lexington have had I.C.E detainers lodged against them.That means when they complete their sentences they'll be deported.

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