City Responds To Disputed $8,000 Water Bill

A few days after refusing comment on an $8,000 water bill, Danville city officials are now giving us their side of the story. They tell 27 NEWSFIRST the customer in question hasn't been given the bill yet, the meter is currently being tested and the issue is being investigated.

It's a huge question: how could anyone use $8,000 worth of water, especially in this house, that's been vacant for two years.

Renee Durham's grandmother no longer lives in the house, yet the home was recently slapped with a notice of excessive water usage. When relatives called City Hall about the notice, they were told to expect a big bill. The bill hasn't arrived yet, but the worry has.

Danville city officials say they're willing to work with Durham and her relatives. The meter has been sent off for testing, to see if there's a problem. But the city manager says it is very possible for a home to rack up a big bill.

Here's some insight into just how much water $8,000 will buy. Jazzy's Car Wash in Lexington says for $1500, you can wash about 3500 cars. That means that it would take about 4 months or 18,000 cars to rack up an $8,000 bill.

The city manager says they didn't say much earlier on the issue because they thought that Durham and or her family were threatening legal action. Durham says that's not the case.

If the bill is correct, the family will be offered a payment plan .

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