County Gives Dead Beat Moms and Dads a Second Chance

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There are more than 1,300 parents in Jessamine County behind on their child support but for the first week in March the County Attorney's office is granting amnesty to parents who make an effort to catch up.

"They have to make at least a 10% payment towards what they owe. We'll have them sign a paper stating that they will continue making payments," said Jessamine County Attorney Brian Goettle.

And if they do, the County Attorney says they will will recall the arrest warrant.
While the bench warrant will be wiped out, their child support bill is not.

This only gives parents a chance to make payment arrangements without the threat of being arrested. Laura Pettyjohn is not thrilled her ex is getting a second chance, but also says any money coming in is better than nothing.

Jessamine County Sheriff Corman advises parents wanted for non support to take advantage of the opportunity.

"If they don't take advantage of it, the chances are you're going to be arrested," he said.

Amnesty week in Jessamine County is
March 2-7.

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