Lexington Police Search For Bank Robbery Suspect

Two college students pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated robbery and kidnapping after saying the high cost of tuition led them crime, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2007. They face 20 years in prison. (CBS)

Lexington police are searching for a man they believe robbed the Traditional Bank, on Tates Creek Road, last Saturday.

Police issued an arrest warrant Monday for Dannie Dale Byrd. Byrd is being charged with robbery 1st.

We're told Byrd walked into the bank around 9:45 a.m. and demanded money from the bank teller; while implying he had a weapon. The bank employees tell police they complied to his demands, giving the suspect an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police are asking anyone with information involving this bank robbery investigation to contact the Personal Crimes Section at (859) 258-3700 or call the Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at (859) 253-2020.

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