Meter In $8,000 Water Bill Dispute Found Accurate

It was a very big price tag for a water bill, $8,000, now there's new information in the case.

The Danville family that owns the vacant home says they don't owe it, but results of a water meter test say otherwise.

Earl Coffey is the Danville city engineer. He had the meter sent off for testing and Coffey says the results show the meter tested to be 99% accurate.

Coffey says more than likely a leak caused the problem which will in turn force the owners to pay.

All in all, he says it is the cities responsibility to get the water to the lines and the owners responsibility for the upkeep.

Coffey says it will be a few days before the water bill dispute is over. He says he will meet with the city manager to discuss if there will be any changes to the $8,000 bill.

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