Man Remembers Brother Killed in Knott County House Fire

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Sam Lovins wasn't trying to be a hero he was just trying to save his brother from his burning home. "I ran down in my bare feet and knocked out the glass in the kitchen and the heat knocked me out." Lovins says the heat was too was too much to handle, but the worst part of it all was his brother Edward was laying in front of the door.

Sam says when they found his body it was obvious he'd been trying to get out. "He had a chair up again st the door and it wouldn't budge, that's one reason he couldn't get out."

Sam says they were more than brothers, they were also the closest of friends and if Edward ever needed anything he'd come running.

Sam helped build the this home in the Soft Shell community of Knott County 40 some years ago with his brother Clyde and every one of his 9 siblings has lived in the house at one time or another.

Edward's death is especially hard to handle because Sam lost a sister last month and now he has lost his baby brother too. All he has left of his baby brother are pictures. "This house it was lined with pictures of him, all my brothers and sisters and they was still hanging until now."

The fire started around 10 last night but fire investigators are still trying to determine the exact cause. They say they have determined the area of origin but because everything is so badly burned they haven't pinpointed the cause.

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