Delays Not Snow Days In Store For Fayette Schools

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The decision in the hands of the school board will effect 35,000 students and parents according to Superintendent Stu Silberman.

Tonight they will look to revise the current school delay plan if bad weather comes through the area.

As it stands now, if Fayette County decides to delay school by an hour that hour will be tacked on to the end of the school day creating a scheduling problem for employees, parents and students.

That inconvenience is why the Board is now considering just delaying the start time of school when there is bad weather and letting students out at the normal time.

Silberman says if the Board excepts this policy it would be effective immediately. The Proposal has received mixed reviews by parents.
Some parents told 27 NEWSFIRST that current system of canceling classes is a safer policy that doesn't take any chances with icy roads.

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