UK Students Asked To Lock Doors

UK campus is on a safety alert Monday night after police say two women woke up with a strange man in their dorm room at the Blanding Tower.

Lexington police say the first incident happened Friday night when the suspect just walked into a woman's dorm and laid down on her bed. The woman tells police when she woke up and found the man in her bed she began to ask him who he was, then man ran out the room.

Then police tell us on Saturday night a similar case happened just three doors down from where the first incident occurred. In this case, a female student says she woke up and found a man standing by her bed. She says the suspect then quickly left the room.

Police say in both cases the dorm room doors were unlocked allowing the men to enter without any problems. Police are warning students to make sure they lock their doors.

No arrests have been made so far, but police say they are following several leads.

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