Some Say Boyle County Cemetery Is A Mess

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Many in Danville took their concerns over conditions at Bellevue Cemetery to community leaders Monday night.

27NEWSFIRST spoke with several of them. They say over the last 12 months, conditions at the cemetery have deteriorated rapidly.

"It's a mess, it doesn't look like a cemetery, it looks more like a dump," Jim Talley says.

Talley is one of many in Danville pleading with the city to take action on what he calls appalling conditions at the cemetery.

"I'm not sure whose grave this is, but as you can see, it's covered in mud. It's just uncalled for," says Talley.

Talley says over the last 12 months, workers contracted by the city to maintain the cemetery grounds have severely neglected their duties.

Some of the biggest problems, he says, are fallen tree limbs on top of headstones, as well as numerous headstones now sitting on the ground in pieces. He also says he sees a sea of artificial flowers with no home.

"We picked up at least five or six bags in one corner of the cemetery alone."

Talley says cleaning up the problem has been a never ending job recently. It's also something he and his family continue to do.

"My mother and father are buried here."

Talley's parents are both buried in the cemetery, as well as hundreds more who were born and raised in Danville.

"It's bad enough we have to deal with the loss of our family members, let alone this mess," Talley says.

He now wants the city to take responsibility and fix the problem.

"Something needs to be done," he says.

Whatever the city decides to do, Talley tells us he will not stop his efforts to improve conditions at the cemetery.

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