State Police Cracking Down On Commercial Vehicles

State enforcement officers are about to hold a statewide enforcement blitz in a few days; aimed at making sure truck drivers are following the rules.

State enforcement officials say they'll hit every Interstate in Kentucky on Wednesday. It's just another way of sending drivers a clear message about the importance of keeping our highways safe.

Major Glynn Powers says, "there were a little over 8,000 commercial vehicle crashes in Kentucky in 2007."

Some of those crashes were deadly, for example, there was one in Franklin County back in January. Vehicle enforcement officials hope to reduce that number by focusing on non stop awareness and enforcement of safe driving in and around commercial vehicles.

"We want a safe environment on Kentucky highways," Powers says.

Police say they'll be out cracking down on speeding, reckless and careless driving all in an effort to prevent deadly crashes on our highways.

"If we have one fatal crash in Kentucky, with a commercial vehicle or not, that is one too many," says Powers.

One driver we spoke with says, "I think its good because with so many drivers on the highway and especially during inclement weather, some tend to drive too fast."

Operation Safe Driver is expected to go on all day Wednesday. State Officials say they know they won't be able to stop all crashes in one day, but they're just focusing on preventing them, one at a time.

Enforcement officials say 12% of highway crashes in Kentucky are deadly.

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