The Kitchen Inspection

In Kathy Music's Jessamine County kitchen you will be hard pressed to ever find a mess. In fact her friends tend to tease her about it.

"I am a germaphobe, and I know I always have been," says Music.

So we arranged for a state health inspector to put Music's kitchen to the test.

"I do think my kitchen is clean, but I wonder about my sink because I've seen things on television," Music worries.

The two women who will check that sink, Pam Hendren and Leslie Cobb. Both women work at the Food Safety Branch in Frankfort, both are trained inspectors.

Armed with the same list used to inspect your favorite restaurant, Hendren quickly got to it. She started off inspecting the fridge, but looking at what exactly?

Hendren checked the thermometer refrigeration temperatures. " Just overall cleanliness of the fridge, the date on the milk its good," said Pam Hendren.

Inspectors say to check your own refrigerator, it should be kept between 22 and 41 degrees.

Next Hendren moved on to the pantry, where Music stores all her food and extra kitchen items.

"Everything is stored up off the floor, all the food items. Looks really clean."

During our inspection Music was cooking chicken for dinner. Hendren says she noted that it was properly thawed. She says improper thawing can be a major place for error, bad habits can spread bacteria in your kitchen and make you sick.

So what about the rest of the kitchen, like under her sink?

"All her chemicals are labeled and she has her chemicals stored away from her food products that's wonderful."

So did the inspector blow the lid off this kitchen?

No, but Hendren did have some suggestions.

"We are going to give her a thermometer today to place in her refrigerator for her to be able to check the temperatures of her refrigerator, and also a metal stem thermometer so she can check her cooking temperatures."

Simple ways, Hendren says for you to keep your kitchen safe.

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