Casino Gambling Bill Dies in Committee

The debate centers on how many casinos would be allocated at horse tracks. It was standing room only as horse farm owners and workers told lawmakers not to overlook how other states are taking the casino dollar and keeping business from Kentucky.

"I not only will your lose your signature industry, you will lose the economic engine that is pulling a very long train," Craig Vanderoff of Denali Stud Farm in Bourbon County told lawmakers.

Vanderoff was flanked by many in the room that are upset over an amendment that may not guarantee casinos at horse racing tracks, and he says that puts Kentucky's $4 billion dollar industry at risk.

"If you continue, you will lose your signature industry," he said.

Lawmakers were deeply divided over two amendments to the bill that calls for a vote among Kentuckians of whether they would support expanded gambling.

One amendment calls for nine casinos, and possibly five at horse tracks. Another calls for five casinos to be operated by horse racing associations.

The votes were close on both, but at the end of the day, the committee members did not pass the bill.

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