Police Search For Pair Who Broke Into Boyle County High School

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There are still no arrests after two people were caught on tape, breaking into the Boyle County High School early Tuesday morning.

Danville police say they're taking calls and getting tips but they aren't ready to make any arrests just yet.

Principal Elmer Thomas says he thinks it's likely students may have been involved.

Around 3:45 to 4:45 Tuesday morning, two people were caught on tape, breaking into the school. Principal Thomas says the two smashed a classroom window to get inside, then kicked in some doors to get into offices.

They damaged 7 doors, plus the window, but the thing that baffles people in Boyle County is that they didn't take much of anything.

Only 5 cell phones were taken. Principal Thomas says, "there were dishes with change in them on teachers desks and laptop computers sitting right there and they didn't take them."

They did several thousand dollars in damage and Principal Thomas hopes someone will come forward and identify these two soon.

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