Meth Lab Leads To Berea Home Quarantined

The home was quarantined after Berea Police found a meth lab inside a trailer on 201 Baugh St. Neighbors say Crystal Tartt, her mother and three children moved into that trailer less than two years ago.

In December, Tartt's mother was arrested for manufacturing meth and the trailer was quarantined by the State Health Department.

Captain Ken Clark of the Berea Police Department says they put note on the door telling anyone who lives in the trailer to leave immediately. Instead Clark says, Tartt and her 3 children moved back in before the health department said it was safe to do so.

"There were still areas that were contaminated," Clark says.

The health department says the chemicals used are highly explosive and put the whole neighborhood at risk including an elementary school just down the road.

When the health department went back to the trailer Tuesday they found Crystal Tartt along with 2 of her children at the home. The family was decontaminated, then taken to the hospital.

Clark says once they're released from the hospital the children will be taken into protective custody. Police say the mother will be charged with wanton endangerment for keeping her children in the dangerous environment and will be held in the Madison County Detention Center.

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