Petition for Package Liquor Sales Circulating in Danville

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Two Boyle County residents are circulating a petition to bring a package liquor store to Danville. Michael Hargis and Christal Hamilton are focusing on the 14th precinct and only those who live in the city limits of that precinct are eligible to sign the petition.

They only need 118 signatures from registered voters to have the issue on the ballot at a special election. While there are 1074 registered voters in the precinctbut only 471 of them came out to the polls in November. The clerks office says Hargis and Hamilton only need 25% of those voters to sign the petition.

Hargis and Hamilton say they've had overwhelming success since they started this Monday. They hope to turn the petition in at the end of the month.

Precinct 14 encompasses the Greenleaf Shopping center and the Indian Hills Neighborhood. Hargis says he chose this area becasue there are not very many businesses there and those that are there could benefit from the traffic a package liquor store would bring.

He says they are just "testing the waters" right now and will wait to see if the voters give them the green light before actually creating a business plan for a liquor store.

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