City Hall Overhaul Could Reduce Ambulance Crews

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When you've got an emergency, whether it's life or death, or a simple injury, a Lexington EMS crew will show up with three people.
Chris Bartley with the Lexington Professional Fire Figthers union says that's the way it should be. But not everyone agrees with Bartley.

Mainly, the members of an independent consultation firm hired by the Urban County Government to evaluate the way the city does business. The firm is giving city leaders 424 suggestions to make the city run: "faster, better and cheaper".

The consultants say a good way to cut costs is to turn paramedic crews into a pair and not a trio. The firm says that's the way many major cities do it.

Bartley doesn't buy it, "I believe that report is flawed. especially when it comes to fire service," he said. "What they're proposing is efficiency but two is better than one in the back of an ambulance".

Mayor Jim Newberry, one of many who heard the recommendation today says, it's just that, a recommendation. But he says job cut recommendations are being made in many areas of the Urban County Government, and he knows some tough decisions will have to be made.

The Urban County Council will be meeting with the consulting firm again on Friday, to ask more questions about the 424 recommendations.

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