Lawmakers React To Casino Bill Roadblock

There may be more life in the casino gambling bill.

Kentucky house speaker Jody Richards tells 27 NEWSFIRST that he expects more action on the legislation, possibly before week's end.

Richards says he hopes there will be a meeting this week before next week's regularly scheduled committee meeting on the casino gambling bill.

The speaker says he doesn't want the constitutional amendment that's being put before voters cluttered up with a specific number of casinos for the horse tracks. But some lawmakers in Frankfort say that industry needs to be guaranteed casinos.

Governor Beshear wasn't happy that the main bill didn't pass out of committee on Tuesday and told lawmakers to get their act together.

During the meeting Tuesday, Dottie Sims first voted for a proposal calling for 9 casinos, not guaranteeing a certain number for the tracks, but then she changed her vote. Because of that, Richards removed her from the committee saying that here in Frankfort, your word is your bond.

We left messages for her, but she has not called us back.

Richards says he does favor a specific number of casinos at tracks in a separate bill from the constitutional amendment.

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