Tips Come In To Police About Well-Dressed Criminals

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Lexington police are looking for some well dressed criminals who are ripping off women in Lexington.

Police says several women report their wallets being stolen from their purses as they shopped at stores around the city.

Police say since they released pictures of the pair, they've gotten several tips.

The crimes date back to October of last year with at least six victims coming forward to police. Many victims report not knowing their wallets had been taken until their credit cards were later used at local stores.

Surveillance video shows a woman with reddish hair using some of those cards to buy high value items. Police say she was seen on surveillance video with a well dressed black man who was wearing glasses. The suspects have been observed on surveillance video driving a newer model black Jaguar.

Police believe the man and woman are working together and say shoppers should pay extra attention to their purses when they head to the stores.

If you have information, contact the Property Crimes Section at (859) 258-3700 or Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at (859) 253-2020.

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