Another Outrageous Danville Water Bill

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Earlier this month we told you about a Danville family that received an $8000 water bill. Today a Boyle County woman says she too received an outrageous bill.

Pamela Moss was surprised when she got a call in January from the city of Danville about her water bill. "They told me I may have a leak on the property. And they asked if I wanted to know how much and if I was sitting down." They told her the bill was nearly three thousand dollars.

And as you can imagine she was stunned.

They said if she fixed the leak they'd adjust the bill. So she called a plumber right away. He found a pinhole leak and fixed it but also commented that the bill shows an awful lot of water used and it's hard to believe that a small leak like that could spin out that much water and you don't see the water anywhere.

Her bill shows over one hundred ten thousand gallons of water was used. With over 100 thousand gallons of water leaking you'd think you'd see some remnants of it. Mayor Coomer says not necessarily.
He says the geological make up of this area is cavernous and it's plausible the water could have seeped into underground caves or something.

Mayor Coomer agrees this bill is outrageous but says the city is a business and it can't just give things away but they will work with people in this situation.

They did adjust her bill to $1300 but she says she still can't pay that kind of a bill.

Moss says it would help if the city checked the water meters every month instead of every other. This way if there was a leak or a problem it would be noticed sooner.

The mayor says now that there are two bills for thousands of dollars the city may need to rethink the policy and ordinance that's in place.

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