Incident Delays Air Travel At Blue Grass Airport

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An incident on the runway at Blue Grass Airport Thursday night created quite a scene and impacted several flights.

An airport spokesperson tells us the landing gear in the nose of a small plane gave way during take off, stranding the plane on the main commercial runway.

Only the pilot was on board, he was not hurt.

The plane was stuck on the runway for about an hour-and-a half.

We're told three inbound flights were diverted, two to Cincinnati and one to Louisville. An outbound flight was delayed.

The Federal Aviation Administration was notified about the runway incident, but we're told that is standard procedure.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Operations at the Lexington airport are back to normal after the main runway was closed for two hours by a small plane that broke down.

Airport spokesman Brian Ellestad says the four-seater aircraft carrying only a pilot broke down about 6:45 p.m. Thursday when its landing gear collapsed. Blue Grass Airport had to use a crane to remove the plane from the runway.

Two flights had to be diverted to Cincinnati on Thursday night, with passengers bused to Lexington. One Northwest Airlines flight from Detroit was canceled.

The small plane was using the main runway because a smaller general aviation runway has no lights and is daytime-only. A commuter jet crashed in August 2006 when it tried to take off of the smaller runway, killing 49 people aboard.

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