A Lexington Company Asks: What's In a Name?

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It's one of those words that historically wasn't supposed to be uttered on television, but it's also part of the name of a well known Lexington company, Big Ass Fans. That company's attempt to buy advertising at Blue Grass Airport was turned down flat.

Heather Henley, a public relations specialist at Big Ass Fans, told 27 NEWSFIRST "We were trying to place a large sign, I think it was 20 feet by 8 feet, a pretty large sign over the baggage claim entrance - exit area. It said Welcome to Lexington, Home of Big Ass Fans. We do have advertising and fans in airports across the country so it was a little bit of a surprise especially since we are such a local economic contributor."

This is a company with every right to want to trumpet its success. In just the last two years alone, they've gone from only 25 employees to 120 and they're in the process of hiring more.

Miss Henley says, "We've experienced about a 30% growth rate in revenue every year for the last four years which is pretty much unheard of."

They are about to break ground on a new facility and they haven't been in their current building very long.

Henley laughs when she says, "By the time we moved into this one in April a year ago we had already outgrown it."

But surely when the company chose its name it must have anticipated that in certain instances it might be a bit of a hindrance? "No", says Henley. "When we say Big Ass Fans we're talking about donkeys. We don't think that requires an apology. We are proud of who we are and we can't apologize for it."

Officials at Blue Grass Airport declined to comment so we're left to wonder if their decision would have been different if the company seeking advertising had been named Big Donkey Fans.

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