Governor Announces New Plan for Aging Mental Hospital

Eastern State Hospital has been in its current location for 184 years and many would argue that the state of Eastern State is downright deplorable. But now, there is a plan to finally give the piece of history a brand new start.

Kelly Gunning has lots of experience at Eastern State Hospital. Her son has been a patient there.

"You just don't feel you're going to get the best care looking at that place," says Gunning, who also heads up the local chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness.

However, Gov. Steve Beshear announced a plan to tear down the hospital and replace it with a new one.

"And, Lexington rids itself of an eyesore," said Gov. Beshear, D-Kentuck.

The $128 million dollar new hospital will be built on land owned by the University of Kentucky on its Coldstream Research Campus off Newtown Pike.

With Eastern State removed from its current location, that land can be used for the state community college and tech school system. That will then free up land the Bluegrass Tech School is using at UK, which needs more space for academics and parking.

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