Ax, Gun And Pepper Spray Used In Violent Home Invasion

Police are investigating after two men broke into a home in Floyd County Sunday night.

Investigators say the men broke into a home in the Honaker community.

Once inside, police say they sprayed two women with mace, and even terrorized a child.

Police say the suspects also had a handgun and an ax with them.

Linda Mullins says the men were after prescription drugs and money.

She also says they held an ax to her 3-year-old son's neck, as they forced him to lay on the ground.

Mullins says she had just returned from the hospital, where her husband has been for the past several days.

"My daughter was in the kitchen," Mullins said. "Somebody started pecking at the back door. I told her to get the door."

But before her daughter could open the door, Mullins says two men forced their way in. She says one was wearing a mask.

"They started spraying pepper spray in my daughter's eyes." Mullins said. "She started screaming, 'mommy, mommy.' I was in the bathtub."

Mullins says the masked man then came into the bathroom, where she was, carrying a gun and pepper spray.

"By the time I stood up out of the tub, this boy had sprayed my face," Mullins said.

She says she struggled with the intruder in the tub, and was able to pull his mask off. She says she knew him.

Mullins thinks the men knew her husband had been in the hospital, and thought there was prescription drugs in the house.

When they didn't find drugs, she says they then demanded money.

Police say the men got away with $1,000 from Mullins' purse, along with her car keys.

So far, police have not made any arrests.

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