Man Who Punched Lawyer Sentenced By Judge

A man who punched his court-appointed attorney returned to court on Monday morning.

Peter Hafer has been appointed new representation. Attorney Mark Bubenzer replaced public defender Doug Crickmer.

Hafer punched Crickmer in the face last month during a court hearing. Hafer says he "just lost it."

On Monday, Hafer issued an apology through his new attorney. He says he regrets his actions and will take whatever punishment he has coming.

Judge Robert Johnson sentenced Crickmer to six months behind bars for the courtroom attack.

Hafer returns to court in May to answer to his original charges, stemming from a break-in at the K-Mart in Georgetown. He faces burglary 2nd, criminal trespassing and theft by unlawful taking in connection with that crime.

Judge Johnson says if Hafer is convicted on those charges, his six month sentence will have to be served in addition to whatever other punishment he's given.

Hafer's new attorney, Mark Bubenzer is normally a private practice lawyer but says from time to time he's asked by the Department of Public Advocacy to step during special cases.

Bubenzer says he's spoken with Hafer's former attorney who says he understands that someone had to take his case and he's even forgiven Hafer for punching him in the face.

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