Student Puts Alcohol In Teacher's Drink

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A Madison Southern High School student is in trouble with the law for allegedly putting alcohol in his teacher's drink.

Berea Police Captain Ken Clark says the 15-year old boy brought the alcohol from home to school in a Mountain Dew bottle.

Police say the teenager drank some of the alcohol himself and then poured some of it into an unidentified teacher's Pepsi while she was busy helping other students on a computer.

Captain Clark says the teacher went to take a drink of her Pepsi but smelled the alcohol and told school administrators.

Police say the student was seen by others drinking the mountain dew bottle filled with Wild Turkey 101 throughout the school day.

After his arrest on charges of possession of alcohol by a minor and menacing, the boy was released to the custody of his parents.

the Principal of Madison Southern refused to comment but Police tell 27 Newsfirst that the 15-year old has been suspended for five days.

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