Spring Break Scam Still Haunting Students One Year Later

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Dozens of college students from Kentucky and Ohio say Tommy Case of Lexington promised them a trip of a lifetime, but he never delivered. Now, a year later some claim he still owes them money for bogus spring break vacations.

"Every time we called him, if he picked up the phone he would have some type of excuse every time," says Haley Scullin, a student at Ohio University.

For a year now, Scullin and her friends have waited for Tommy Case to refund the money they say he stole from them last March.

"The trip was like coming up within a week and we had no itinerary, tickets and no plane information, nothing," said Scullin.

She also says she's still out hundreds of dollars and she never made it to the Bahamas. Now, she and her friends just want their money back.

"I think he spent it," Scullin says.

27NEWSFIRST attempted to contact Tommy Case, but he didn't return our phone calls. However, his mother, Vicki Witt, did.

"A nightmare for all of us." She went on to say her son fell victim to an online scam.

Witt says her son used a company called Coastal Vacation. Witt says Case thought it was a legitimate business, but found out otherwise a little too late.

"He swore to me, Mom I don't have the money, I didn't just cash the money and spend it, I wired it to them," Witt said.

But Haley Scullin says it doesn't matter who used the money, it's still Case's responsibility to pay.

"We are taking this by storm, we want to everything we can to get our money back," Scullin said.

Vicki Witt still insists her son will pay back that money.

At this time no criminal charges have been filed against Case and both the Better Business Bureau and the Kentucky Attorney General's office have been contacted.

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