Storms Damage Homes In Pulaski County

Nightmarish rain, winds, and storms have left a Pulaski County community living their worst fears.
Several people are homeless, and others won't be able to live in their homes in the wake of strong straight line winds that hit Tuesday afternoon.
Many worked all day sifting through the rubble to recover their lives. "Every thing has been blown over, shelves, stuff animals everywhere, it looks like a bunch of kids just went in their and threw everything around", said Chris Sutton about his home.
But Sutton knows he's lucky, his house is livable. Thirty feet away, his neighbors house is a pile of yellow insulation, broken glass, and shattered memories. That trailer home was blown off it's foundation into the street. Fire crews had to use tractors and backhoes to get the home off the street, and back onto the lot, where it once stood. The owners are homeless tonight. Several others are facing huge cleanup and repairs. But all of the people in the community feel lucky to be alive.

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