Hundreds Gather To Rally Against Casino Gambling

As lawmakers debate possible casinos in Kentucky, churches turn out in force to speak against them.

Hundreds of people from churches across the state were in Frankfort for a rally in the state capitol on Wednesday morning.

They say any number of casinos would bring nothing but trouble to the state.

Moms and children, pew members and preachers packed out the rotunda in Frankfort for one purpose: to protest the expansion of gambling in this state.

The protestors are on what they see as a moral crusade, to keep the commonwealth casino free.

Back to back, several speakers laid out why they feel casinos will be Kentucky's downfall.

"Whether you're a gambler or not, casino gambling is going to bring a crime wave with it," said Representative Stan Lee

Lee believes that crime, robbery and prostitution will skyrocket if casinos are welcome. Others believe gambling will suck Kentucky citizens' pockets dry.

"No one can win at casino gambling except the owners of the casinos," said Jeff Fugate, who pastors Clays Mill Baptist Church in Lexington.

Fugate, believes gambling is the worst kind of get rich quick scheme and targets those desperate to make a better life, just like the lottery.

"Where are we 20 years after lottery gambling? Broke," he said.

Religious and political leaders from all over the state were in attendance at Wednesday's protest.

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