Amnesty Week For Deadbeat Parents In Jessamine County

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Deadbeat parents in Jessamine County are getting a second chance with amnesty week.
The program started Monday but so far County Attorney Brian Goettl says hardly anyone is actually taking advantage of it.
Parents behind in their child support can go to the county attorneys office this week and pay 10% of what they owe and in turn, their bench warrants will be wiped out getting a fresh start. But Goettl says only 7 people have taken advantage of it so far. He's says he's surprised at the low turnout but hopes this Friday, payday, will bring more people in.
A letter was sent out last month explaining the program and the names of those parents with warrants were printed in the local paper.
Goettl says some of those who came in this week said they were shocked when they saw their names in the paper. "They didn't know they had warrants against them and they didn't want to get in trouble so they came in."
He says this is a warning to those who don't take this second chance because the county plans to start using new resources to locate these people and start issuing arrest warrants first thing monday morning. If they come in before then they're safe.
The county attorney's office is open until 4:30 friday for parents to take part in the amnesty week program.

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