Several Arrested For Making Meth In Madison County

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It's being called a big victory in one Central Kentucky county's battle against drugs.

The Madison County Sheriff's Department says it made several arrests this week, after a lengthy investigation.

Sheriff Nelson O'Donnell says Madison County ranks ninth out of 120 counties in taking down meth labs.

The Sheriff's Department and Berea Police, along with the Central Kentucky Area Drug Task Force, is now teaming up to tackle the growing problem.

They say they are checking local pharmacy logs for those buying large amounts of pseudoephedrine, a key element in the production of meth. Police say buying more than nine grams of pseudoephedrine within a thirty day period, is considered excessive.

The Sheriff says on Wednesday, 11 people were arrested on meth charges and there are more arrests pending.

While making the arrests, police say they also seized several weapons, along with crack cocaine, marijuana, and other drug paraphernalia.

Kentucky will soon be only the second state in the country to electronically track ephedrine sales, statewide.

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