Students, Officials Pitch In To Build Cruiser For Sheriff

In a very short time in office, McCreary County Sheriff Gus Skinner has already made inroads in the war on drugs. When one of his deputies crashed his cruiser, Sheriff Gus gave him his car. It was the best one in an aging fleet; he found a new one for himself at the junk yard.

" of their surplus vehicles that had been welded together, and here's a man trying to do the best he can with what he has," said Josh Bunch, the Director of Development in Whitley County.

About 75% of McCreary County is owned by the Federal Government which limits the tax base, so the folks in neighboring Whitley County pitched in to help.

"The Judge Executive, Pat White, said do what we can to help him Their drug issue is our drug issue. Our community took that to heart," Bunch said.

The Sheriff's Department came up with an out of service Tahoe in terrible shape. It had no wheels or transmission.

But the Tahoe is now in pretty good shape. The Williamsburg Police donated lights and sirens and area businesses provided body work, painting and graphics, plus thousands of dollars worth of material and accessories.

When the Vo Ag teacher here at Whitley County High School heard what was happening, he saw a golden opportunity to teach his students valuable lessons about both auto tech and life.

"...learn some things about civil service and supporting the police and helping people out," said Glen Croley.

The kids really accepted the challenge and have worked to get the Tahoe in tip top shape.

Students in both McCreary and Whitley counties are a major motivation for Sheriff Gus Skinner.

"I have a heart for our youth. We'll never win the war on drugs but we can make a dent in it," said Skinner.

A weapon in that battle will now be an almost good-as-new Tahoe that was presented to the Sheriff on Friday afternoon.

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