Lawsuit Forces Some B.P. Stations To Drop Signs

Across the Bluegrass, some of the familiar green and yellow B.P. signs are coming down, thanks to a judge's ruling in a lawsuit.
The lawsuit alleges the gas at some gas stations, was not B.P. brand or B.P. quality gas, as required by contract.

B.P. says the fuel may be mis-branded or a mixture of B.P. brand gas and other cheaper fuel. That mixture might not be in compliance with state law, which could be dangerous to your car.

"A few years ago, bad motor fuel got in the pumps in Louisville and caused damaged to a number of engines," said Ted Sloan, with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

The agriculture department deals with issues like this, officials say they can't check every gas pump, and every gallon of gas sold.

"The expense has grown while budgets remained flat. What that means is we've tested fewer and fewer samples over the years, until recently only testing 5600 per year," Sloan said.

B.P. itself tested fuel from some of the Wisconsin Company's stations. It says those results confirm the allegations.
The stations in question are still open. The only difference is what comes out of the pump, is no longer labeled as B.P. brand gas.

Selling off brand gas isn't against the law, but it violates the contract between B.P. and the stations that carry it's name.

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