Road Crews Help Man Stuck In Home

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Road conditions on the major roads have improved but in order to get to them, neighborhood roads must be cleared also.

That's a problem many were still dealing with Sunday. Especially, Jason Jones who is a quadraplegic and gets around in a rear axle van which is too heavy and too dangerous to make it up the slippery road outside his home.

"We tried to venture out first thing this morning, we got up about half way up the hill, it took about ten tries and we couldn't get up there," Jones told 27NEWSFIRST.

He says the risk is just not worth it. Jones wanted something done to clear the roads near his home in the Andover subdivision. He started worrying about getting to work in the morning.

"I work like everybody else and tomorrow I'm already thinking if we don't get a major cleaning or sun or someone to scrape the road, I will be stuck in the house," he said.

But 27NEWSFIRST contacted the Mayor's office and they responded to the issue immediately by clearing the roadway for Jones.

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