Lexington Police Search For Man Who Punched Officer

Lexington Police continue searching for a man who punched a police officer during a traffic stop Sunday night.

The female officer stopped a van on Kenton Street between Fourth and Fifth Streets. She's been identified as Officer Stacy Shannon.

Police say a passenger in the back seat punched Shannon in the face then wrestled with her.

The man ran away and the van took off.

Police later arrested the van's driver.

They say he's Richard Combs, 64, who's charged with fleeing and littering. Police say they found a bag of crack cocaine thrown from the van.

Police also took a 17-year-old juvenile into custody who they believe was another passenger in the van.

Police thought they spotted the suspect who threw the punch off North Broadway.

Two police cruisers wreck responding to that scene, but no one was injured.

The Officer Shannon, who was punched, didn't have to go to the hospital.

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