Family Of Man Shot To Death Speaks Out

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State Police continue to investigate the shooting death of 42-year-old Billy Buttry.

It happened Sunday night on Maple Grove road near Richmond. Police say Jeannie Buttry shot her husband, Billy Buttry, once in the chest, killing him. She says she shot him after a fight broke out between Billy and her son, 22-year-old Dean Buttry.

Jeannie says it was self-defense and had no choice but to shoot her husband.

So far, she has not been charged. 27NEWSFIRST did talk to Billy Buttry's family who says he was murdered.

"Jeannie has never loved him. I think she planned it and had time to make up a story before police arrived." Billy's mom, Christine Buttry said.

She also tells 27NEWSFIRST her son was just trying to break up a fight between Dean and his wife Keisha when their already rocky father-son relationship errupted.

"He was one of a kind and we've learned new information, which we are not going to say right now, but it's not good for Jeannie or Dean," said Christine Buttry.

Billy Buttry would have turned 43 on Wednesday. The case is still under investigation and is now going to the grand jury.

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