Paris Fire Chief Resigns Amidst Allegations

The city of Paris is looking for a new fire chief after the former one steps down.

Kent Morris resigned Monday afternoon amid several charges against him.

In exchange for his resignation, the city dropped the charges.

Morris says he feels like he did nothing wrong, but he was tired of fighting the allegations against him.

"It's too much on my family," Morris said. "It's too much on me, it's not worth all of this.

Paris officials charged Morris of using an ambulance for personal reasons.

Officials say he used the ambulance to transport his wife's ex-husband to a hospital last month. Officials say that caused a rift in the Paris Fire Department.

"I did it," Morris said. "I went and picked up somebody and took them to the hospital, and I went on to church like I always do. If that's wrong, so be it."

City officials say the transport wasn't documented until several weeks later, which is inappropriate.

Last year, officials accused Morris of misusing funds, as well as misconduct at the fire department.

"I'm not going to sit here and bash nobody," Morris said. "That's not me. I'm not going to sit here and call out names and say I've been mistreated or that I'm mad at somebody. There was a process that took place, and we went through it. And it's done, and we'll all move on."

Paris city officials did not comment on Morris' resignation.

The city may appoint an interim fire chief, while a nationwide search for Morris' replacement is conducted.

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